You keep eating your hand and you’re not gonna be hungry for lunch… – John Bender

Today is the day I finally get caught up on The Voice AU. I’ve loved it since the beginning and while I love the American version, and the performers/coaches I must say I think, as a show/competition, I prefer the Australian as it seems a lot more raw.

That’s not to say I don’t still listen to Jamar, Lindsey, Juliet, Jamie, The Shields Brothers and the rest of the pack because I do, and have purchased all I could on Itunes. But I find, as with most Americanized competitions, it very quickly becomes a matter of who will get the highest ratings rather than who performs the best and I believe that Australia has got it figured out. As each round goes by, whether I like the decision or not, I know it’s the right move made by the coaches. There were countless decisions made on the US version, most of them “Xtina”‘s that made me question if I would tune in the following week.

If you get the chance, check out these amazing artists from both shows, because they will very quickly become your new faves

Now that I’ve lost some readers/insulted some people we’ll be moving right along.

When I bought my Panini Press a few years go, I found a way to use it for practically every meal and it lost some of the mystique that it held. As such, it became much less an appliance and much more a professional toe stubber.

Up until today I’ve been using it only as a glorified toaster for the past 12 months, today all that changed.


I took all of this wonderful, some of it cooked, some raw and crunchy and turned it into this


The Goods

1 tortilla

choice of spread

1-2 mushrooms, sliced

1 green onion, diced

deli meat of your choice and preferential amount, chopped

1 slice tomato, cubed

1-2 leaves of lettuce, chopped

1 slice cucumber, cubed

grated cheese

Put a little olive oil (butter if you prefer) in a pan on low to medium heat and toss in the mushroom.

Once the colour starts to change, throw in the green onion.

When it is almost cooked, add in the deli meat to brown it slightly and soak up the flavours.

cube and chop lettuce, tomato, and cucumber respectively

put spread of your choice of spread on tortilla.

add the ingredients from the pan to the tortilla, followed by the cold items and sprinkle cheese over top.

fold and grill, making sure to only grill until the marks are present otherwise your cold items lose their crunch.

Hopefully people are enjoying the recipes, as they are fairly low cost and can be done with a low skill set, something for everyone =)

If you keep reading them I’ll keep posting them.


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