Who is Tony Lantz?

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 5.19.15 PMMy name is Tony Lantz, and I live in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. I’ve always been drawn to the creative, so it was no surprise when I took off to Vancouver at 18 to go to film school. When I went back to school for a second kick at the can, I took Business with a concentration in Marketing, because I felt it to be the creative arts equivalent of the business world. What I didn’t count on was just how much I would like marketing, or how interested I would be in the inner workings of social media and web design. I co-host a monthly podcast with my friend J.C., and work at NSCC. I have also started doing some freelance web design on the side. As such, this site has started to become as multifaceted as I am. For that reason there are a few offshoots of this “About Me” page, which are listed below.

Stirring The Pot

I’ve always loved to cook but when I was diagnosed with IBS in 2009, I became even more interested in pushing my boundaries. Being given such extreme limitations,  everything becomes trial and error. The experience really opened my eyes to all of the different substitutions I could use in the kitchen.  While I was on an … Continue reading Stirring The Pot