Stirring The Pot

I’ve always loved to cook but, when I was diagnosed with IBS in 2009, I became even more interested in food in all forms. Being given such extreme limitations,  everything becomes trial and error. The experience really opened my eyes to all of the different substitutions I could make use of in the kitchen.  While I was on an elimination diet to find out what was going on with my insides,  I also developed an intolerance to dairy. I chose to make the best of a bad situation and look at the opportunities it provided, rather than those it took away. I’m always willing to try anything food related once, if I like it, there are usually about 20+ recipes it will very quickly be incorporated into. If not, I’ll pretend it never happened and disavow it’s existence, much like brussel sprouts.

You will notice that each recipe starts with a quote. More often than not they will have nothing to do with the recipe, itself, and will just be words of wisdom that I’m as eager to share as the food I prepare.