Plot Threads Podcast

J.C. and I have wrapped up Plot Threads and it will live forever on the internet. We had a lot of fun but covid made it hard to facilitate the conversations. We may be back someday!

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I’m the short one in the photo above. J.C. is the wizardly-looking fella.

Past Episodes

March 4th – J.C. and I are proud to announce the 1st, the annual, The Threadies! We showcase the high points of the past year in cinema and award them with this esteemed honour. Plus we have another edition of Dinner Date with Don!

We will be back in no time at all with the proper March episode, dropping into your earholes on the 18th!

January 27th – Let the bell ring out, season two has begun! J.C. and I have a rapid fire chat about several topics from the bounty of Oscar Isaac to the nearly empty treasure chest of this year’s Oscar noms. Not only that but there is a delectable new segment for your listening pleasure. Here’s to another season of fun!

December 17th – It’s beginning to look a lot like Chris Mass. We have yet another special guest this month. One of our loyal Christeners is here to help take your calls and chat about any and all things Chris. Which Chris gives you the kringles?

To hear all of what season one has to offer, click right over here.

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