Season One

J.C. and I have been doing this for a little over a year now, and we have officially started season two. To make sure the main Plot Threads page isn’t a mile long, I’ve moved all of season one over to this lovely oasis. Feel free to kick back, open your ears, and enjoy!



December 17th – It’s beginning to look a lot like Chris Mass. We have yet another special guest this month. One of our loyal Christeners is here to help take your calls and chat about any and all things Chris. Which Chris gives you the kringles?

November 27th – We have two special guests this month who seem to know a whole lot about who we are and what we do. We chat about Detective Pikachu, Bohemian Rhapsody, Ultimate Beastmaster, and an assortment of other fun stuff.

October 22nd – They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky, they’re Jen, they’re Ryan, they’re Berls. We had so much fun with our special guest last month that we added THREE guests this time to round out our conversation on horror movies. Be sure to sound off below with your thoughts!

September 24th – At the flip of a coin we will either discuss soundtracks or sequels with our very special guest. As always, we will Love/Leave a movie & spoil something along the way. There may be a swear or two in the mix. Hijinks ensue!

August 20th – We dispense with topic and break down the goods we have watched and read over the Summer. Not to worry, One Bad Apple and Love It or Leave It are still kicking around!

July 23rd – What makes a blockbuster? What are some of the biggest summer films of the past? What movie to we subtly spoil without context? All these questioned will be answered and more on this month’s episode of….. Plot Threads!

June 29th – Today is the day we share the spoils of war as we declare war on spoilers. Well we really just talk about what makes a spoiler and how we all feel about them but I wanted to use the phrase “spoils of war.”

May 22nd – We tackle cult classics, regular classics, and the unsung heroes of the movie world. Not only that but our Love It or Leave It segment is back by popular demand! Take a listen below and let us know what your favourite cult classic is.

April 23rd – This month we’re talking about how the internet has changed the way we consume media. From Spielberg’s comments about Netflix, to our favourite pieces of web based media. We even debut our newest segment for rating Joseph Gordon-Levitt films. This is an episode not to be missed!

March 19th – In episode four we chat about a bunch of upcoming movies, what we thought about Black Panther, and promise to get back to reading in time for the next episode.

March 12th – Episode three is the wrap up of our Oscar podcast. Who won? Who lost? Who had the nicest sweater? tune in to find out!

February 20th – Episode two is titled ” The Phantom Threads” where we dish the dirt on our Oscar picks. Be sure to send us your picks to our email for your chance to win 20 Cineplex bucks! Here’s a link to the ballot we used to make our picks.

January 22nd – Our first episode is called “A New Trope,” and you can listen to the sultry sounds of our voices below. I’m now aware that Doug Jones isn’t in Star Wars, and is actually in the new Star Trek series. Mixing  up these two fandoms likely merits a death sentence, but I adore both of them so I’m giving myself a pass.

You can also listen to our podcast on J.C.’s website, and subscribe to Plot Threads on iTunesSoundCloud, Stitcher, and Google Play (see below.) We would love for you to leave a review. Thanks for listening, see you next month!