Off to the Market, a Social Gathering

When I started building this site anytime I came up against something I didn’t know how to do, I taught myself. I still use this strategy today. It allows me to be constantly learning, and improving what I do, and how I do it. Now I am able to get a lot more out of a site, and cater to the needs of the individual, rather than having a site that looks like a carbon copy of someone else’s work. I take my work seriously, but am not laced too tightly. I want to make sure their personality shines through in the sites I create.

Relationship Marketing is truly the only way that makes sense to me. We are wired to find our community, so being able to have those conversations and build those bonds is my main goal. Everything else falls into place after you know who you’re working with and how you can help.

Using social media as a tool to meet new people and network, rather than just a way to share cat photos (although, I’m guilty of that) has helped me better understand how to interact across the net. I’m sarcastic by nature, but I know there isn’t a font for sarcasm, so I’m mindful of how what I say may be interpreted.

I am an open book. Anything you cannot find on this site that you would like to know, please do not hesitate to click the little envelope at the bottom of the page and make your question known. Heck, click the little envelope if you just want to say hello, or have a joke that needs telling. Whatever the reason, I look forward to hearing from you.