Snowmen Fall From Heaven Unassembled

Just finished watching the newest episode of Next Food Network Star and it’s safe to say I’m slightly completely ticked.

We bid farewell to Judson, and Marty stays to take her team to the bottom for another week.

I met up with Fiona this morning and went for coffee in Mahone Bay. We didn’t stop talking from the time I got in the car to the time she dropped me off at  Sam’s. A clear indication that we will be doing that much more frequently as the summer continues. Sam and I did some editing on our most recent movie review and since she finally had the day off we spent the bulk of it wandering aimlessly around town. My boss gave us all a $50 bonus to take our respective ladies out for a meal as they’ve put up with all of us having our faces firmly glued to our computer screens for the last month. I made good use of mine and took m’lady to our favorite restaurant in town, Waves Seafood & Grill.


The Chicken Club was perfect, the fries tasted just a titch beyond amazing and, as always, the coffee was just right. Plus, given the amount we walked today, I think we canceled out the meal haha.

After lunch we popped in to our local tattoo parlour to make a piercing appointment for both of us for tomorrow. I’m getting my conch done in both ears, and Sam is getting her tragus in one and conch in the other in an attempt to even out the metal in her head =P

Tis far too late to be eating supper (10:21PM) but we ate lunch late and then went to a meeting for a super top secret event taking place in September, so we’re going to whip something up now.


I leave you with this:

Go see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. it’s an amazing film!


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