Shouldn’t you be off bringing religiocity to the fuzzy-wuzzies or some such?

Gay Pride Shirt…hehehe

Yesterday was probably the best day I’ve had at work in a while and I’ve no idea why. It was just fairly laid back and easy, now granted the customers were still retarded as all get out but at least the day had a good flow to it. Only had one sup call and it was because the woman “didn’t like what I was saying or how I was saying it” I assumed that it was both because the information was not favoring her getting her interest back and that it was not in her native tongue so the bigger words messed her up. All I could do at that point was tell her I’d get a Sup, slide down in my chair and rest my hat on my glasses over my forehead. It was actually pretty comfortable so I kept that stance for the remainder of my shift. I sat with Kristi, Liv and Beth and we had a grand ol’ time. When I got off work I went over to Ben’s place since he and James were in town and while I hadn’t seen James since the Christmas before last, I hadn’t seen Ben since we graduated in ’06. We hung out for a few hours, had a beer or two and when they walked to the Tavern I went home because I have standards. In their defense they were going to meet Ben’s lady and her friends so it was not really their choice. We had decided to hang out today and go out to James’ parent’s new place and check it out as well as go for a swim. It was the best day off I’d had in a long time, to be able to hang out as a trio again as if no time had passed, we sat and talked to his parents for an hour then went down to the lake his parent’s house is on for a swim and when we came back his pops BBQ’ed some burgers, veggie for me, and we watched Black Dynamite which was so incredibly hilarious that words cannot fully describe its wonder.

DONE BLOGGING! TIME FOR YOU TO READ (start at the top though, it’ll make more sense)

“We can be absolutely certain only about things we do not understand”

-Eric Hoffer


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