You do NOT let Vicki Vale into the Batcave! Ever!

From old men who type with either two fingers or one, to others who say “In Like Flynn” everytime they got one step further to finishing their registration it was an interesting day. Especially since it was originally day one of my two days off. I got a call last night from Melanie asking me if I had heard about the OT incentives, apparently you get a $5 giftcard for every hour you work OT and if I were to come in today I would get double time and a half. Its quickly became an offer I couldn’t refuse, I told her that I’d see when the Green Reflectors were playing and take a shift around that but it turned out they were city bound for a BBQ so I worked from noon until 9:45. In that time I took maybe 55 calls, normally it would have been way higher but the website went up yesterday and we haven’t been out of queue since. The calls were fairly long, and rather tedious, the majority of them all having issues registering.  Which would be a lot easier to understand if I hadn’t registered this morning before going to work whilst eating my breakfast and only using one hand to type, even with those roadblocks it still only took me maybe two minutes and that’s including having to go back and put in my Vancouver number. Yet some of these Mensa members managed to take upwards of an hour to get logged in. One guy even finished registering while I was on the phone with him and promptly forgot his password and locked himself out of the account so I had to go and unlock him so he could get it sent to him…again.

Apart from that it was a very uneventful day considering I spent most of my waking hours at work. Denise told me not to dance around her because she thought it weirded her out, so naturally I followed her around dancing behind her and when I was leaving when I was off, Steph asked me to do it again and Denise got right flustered. It was rather enjoyable. As is sleeping, which I think is my next task for the evening, taking a snooze.

Goodnight bloggers and bloggettes.

“The most dangerous of all falsehoods is a slightly distorted truth”

-Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


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