Better to be Silent and be Thought a Fool, then to Speak and Remove all Doubt – Abraham Lincoln

Today was perfectly uneventful. I stayed home, got work done, made two excellent meals, with leftovers in between, got caught up on two of my favorite shows, Suits and Franklin & Bash oddly enough both to do with lawyers. If you haven’t I suggest you check them both out, they are on their second seasons but the first are available.

Today also brought an awesome discovery as well. Someone who I had written off as being a waste of time and who I no longer wanted any association with has done something completely out of preconceived character. While respect may take some time to gain back, I have been able to see them in a completely different light, look at them from an entirely new perspective, and has just generally given me a new viewpoint. Not to say I’m going to rush out and declare BFFdom, but it’s a start.



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