And Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End.

Notice any consistencies?

Anyone who knows me knows how much a loathe Twilight and what it’s done to YA films forever more. I’m not someone who hates it just to hate it, I did read the first book and it did not prompt me to read the second. I have seen Twilight, which prompted me to give up all the vetos I had at the video store I was working in so that no one could play it while I was working. The dialogue in the films is painful, the “acting” is worse, Kristen Stewart has less flavour in any performance I’ve seen her in than tofu.

Keeping all of this in mind, it would also make sense that the mass marketing of Twilight and all the accessories that come along with it get on my last nerve and the overabundance of previews and clips and everything else that are plastered everywhere do the same.

I say all this to lead into the clip I’m about to post, because for the first time someone seems to have capitalized, effectively, on how cuckoo for cocoa puffs tweens are for this stuff. That someone is Time Warner, and this is why:


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