You know what you’ve done? You asked me to play the violin in front of people!

When there’s no wind, you have to push yourself…screw that I’ll just stand on it.

From 90 year old women telling me that I was a fucking moron (somehow the fact that she couldn’t write down the number I was giving her correctly made ME the moron, still not sure how that worked) to a lady with an English accent who was just as sarcastic as me and made the 20 minute call a hell of a lot of fun it turned out to be a fairly decent day at work. The English lady was awesome and we were more or less sarcastically flirting to pass the time while she was registering for the website and once she was online she said something along the lines of I’ll sleep better tonight now that I’m online, and I told her that yes, she had seemed a bit stressed at the start of the call but I was glad we were able to work it out and she seemed more relaxed now to which she continued to laugh and said that it was the dulcet tones of my voice that soothed her. When I got off the call Liv just looked at me and asked what the hell just happened because it didn’t sound like a normal call. Apart from that highlight my day was just like any other, I sat and talked to Denise on my lunch break after Liv went upstairs again which was nice because it was the first time I had really sat and talked to her in a while and we talked about her interview and the direction the program was going and all of that good stuff, we had quite a good chat and t’was a grand little bonding moment. Chances are she’s still scared of my dance moves though.

I have run out of news, or anything else of any interest.

“Leverage was awesome this week”

-Tony Lantz


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