I am not having this conversation with you!

Pulled this one a few times today. Unfortunately Denise kept thinking I was raising my hand and kept coming to see if I needed help.

Just like every day at work, buttload of calls about the damn website and people not being able to register. I personally think they should just have a number that they push if they can’t figure out how to reregister and when they push it there’s a 7 second delay so they can put the phone back up to their ear and then it sends a shock right through the phone and knocks them on their ass. Its so friggin’ easy to do, I did it one handed while I was eating breakfast before I even did the trouble shooting at work so I was in the same boat they were, except I wasn’t up moron creek and there wasn’t a hole in my boat.

Within my first twenty calls, three were cancellations . One of the very few good calls I had was when I was speaking to a graphic designer and once she knew I was an actor, I told her when she was ranting about a security question being favorite movie and she had 400+ movies, how could she pick one, I also informed her I had 900+ DVD and Bluray and about 200+ VHS. She paused and was like “why?” I told her I was an actor and collected the ones I either enjoyed or could learn something from and she was happy to be speaking to someone with an artistic mind. She then asked for suggestions on shows she could pick up and watch over the summer as she already had Band Of Brothers and The Pacific, without missing a beat I was like “you should definitely check out Leverage.” Kristi was sitting next to me and started laughing because she knows how much Tim and I love the show, she just looked at me and her expression conveyed exactly what she said ” I cannot believe you just said that.” Considering how long she’s known me she should believe that I’ll say pretty much anything. I don’t exactly come equipped with much of a filter.

Well, tomorrow’s another day, more queue, more calls, more boneheads. Gotta love it, well, gotta tolerate it.

“The best way to waste your life, … is by taking notes. The easiest way to avoid living is to just watch. Look for the details. Report. Don’t participate.”

– Chuck Palahniuk


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