Nobody else thinks it’s weird that you can just buy anybody’s yearbook online?

Rushing around the house trying to get ready for work is always fun, especially when your reason behind it is that someone moved your work stuff and is no longer at home so you can ask them where it might be. As such I was slightly late and had to use my dad’s deodorant. Its unscented but I didn’t like the smell of it and it didn’t seem to work as well as mine so I put myself on a code partway into my shift and went and called dear old dad to see if he could pick me up a stick and bring it to work, and I told him what sort of Old Spice it was, the blue one. He brought it on my break and I was stuck on a call so he gave it to someone he knew who gave it to Troy, a sup in my program, and he passed it on. Turns out I don’t usually use the blue one, because now I smell like my older bro Mike moreso than I do myself. Which is fine because, of course, I still smell awesome but now I miss Mike and believe a trip to Wolfville is soon needed.

The rest of work went by pretty much the same as every single other friggin’ day since last Wednesday. Bunch of idiots calling in because they’ve locked themselves out of registering for the new site, or forgot how to read very simple, very basic instructions, and who , just in case you were wondering, aren’t happy about the wait. I’m sorry, ok, actually I’m not, but if you try to call in for tech support within the first two weeks of a site launching, chances are you’re not the only genius with the idea. One guy in particular was unimpressed about the situation he had placed himself in by calling in and then proceeding to wait for 40 minutes (which by our system was a lie, it would have been like 20) and then made the mistake of yelling at me, which immediately puts me in “I cease to care about your issues” mode. “And you’re damn system said it was a five minute wait, its been 40, the first 5-10 I was waiting, but then after that you don’t want to hang up because you assume a real live person will be picking up any second, do you think I would have waited this long if I knew?” “Well, you did, so how can I help you, now that you’ve got a real live person?” Clearly my favorite call because he didn’t quite know what to say momentarily and then proceeded to apologize for yelling at me. So here’s a quick rundown, he was a dick to me, I returned the favor, then HE apologized to ME. Now that is pure talent on my part if I do say so, knowing just how far to push him without him going over the edge.

The only other customer of note was one of Kristi’s, I’m not sure what the call was about or anything of that sort but the caller’s name was Silverado B. Socrates, and yes you pronounce the last name exactly how you think. Personally I think that is the coolest name I have ever heard and would like to meet her, just to shake her hand, maybe get her autograph just to prove I really met someone with that name.

Michelle Brewster’s last night was yesterday too, she’s moving on to greener pastures after 10 years, going to be a receptionist for her uncle and taking over for her sister. When I worked there the first time around back in AOL days she was one of my supervisors and she was awesome and then when I came back I was so glad that she was in my program yet again. They took around a card yesterday before she came in and got everyone to sign it and when I got off work last night I stayed and talked to her for about 20 minutes or so, gave her a big hug and told her to keep in touch. We used to talk sporadically when I was in Vancouver and she said she was glad to see me back and that I was missed by a fair few folk. She too will be greatly missed, and i hope that Denise picks up where she leaves off because she definitely deserves that position, leaps and bounds more than someone that I can think of off the top of my head that believes that she is not only perfect for the job but that she has earned it by working here for a year. Wow, a whole year, don’t spend it all in one place there bub, she’s one of the very few people that if she decides she’s floor walking and comes towards my raised hand I lower it and pretend I figured it out until she leaves.

Tis time to quit my bitchin’ and get in the kitchen, I’m hungry.

“You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.”

-Saul Bellow


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