‘Scuse me. I just need to get that bomb out of the way.

that is what I fee like.

Completely drained of energy with very little patience left. Today was a very long day at work just for the simple fact that it was the exact same type of call that we’ve been getting non stop since Wednesday. It seems like it should be Sunday of next week rather than this week. Nothing seems to be going forward at all, just this perpetual stand still and everytime I answer the phones at work its Joe Schmoe the computer illiterate half wit who can’t read simple instructions and wants me to sit and baby him through the process. It just sort of feels like every day that I go in to work, nothing I did the day before made any difference because the queue is still chock full of the same situation, the same problem, and it just keeps going.

On the upside, Candice won the draw for OT for Canada Day, which she more than deserved with the amount of work she’s put in, and got a beach towel with monkeys on it as well as a little cooler. She didn’t want the cooler and offered it to me since I worked an entire shift on Canada Day as well, which she didn’t have to do and was very nice of her and made the eve a bit better. At one point I gave a tip o’ the hat to a buddy of mine on the other side of the floor in Dollar General and a girl about half the distance between waved back and me and smiled and completely threw me off, because I didn’t then know how to respond to her wave because it was not her I had meant to say howdy to. Either way she was within talking distance so we yarned for a bit between calls, mostly single serving stuff, but yarned none the less.

You know that you are no longer anonymous and very much noticed on a day to day sort of basis when upwards of three people commented that I wasn’t wearing mis matched chucks today. Reason being is I was running late for work and it was hot and I didn’t want to have to deal with socks so I opted for my sandals. It most certainly did not go unnoticed. Cheryl even reiterated “I cannot believe you aren’t wearing odd shoes, just your laid back sandals.” Now, I’m not sure what makes a sandal laid back, but apparently mine are. But in their defense, they’ve always been fairly mellow, never ones to start anything, they just keep to themselves and just sort of lounge about.

Its about this point in the blog, that I have officially lost interest in writing anymore, so I won’t.

“Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.”

-Tom Stoppard


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