First day on the new system at work today, started off incredibly slow since I really had no idea how to log into the system and had to wait for Jim to come around and lend a hand. Normally I could do a change of address in about 3-5 minutes, on the new system it took 11. I will put money on the fact that it’s because I have to read the procedure on every god forsaken call now that we have this cussed new program. I’m sure I’ll get used to it once I’ve had some time on it but for now its frustrating as hell. My call time came down leading up to my first break but something I ate last night was not agreeing with me so at the break I packed up and went home. I basically spent the day curled up on the couch, had a conversation about Justified via Twitter and shot the breeze with Kristi for a bit. I will forewarn anyone who tries to conversate over Twitter…find another medium, trying to have a conversation in 140 characters a pop is a bit difficult at times.

Patiently waiting for the double shot of Leverage to go up online so I can watch it since I’ve yet to get TNT, but not to worry, I’ve got the first two seasons on DVD and plan on getting the third when it comes out. Such a great show, I’ve been biding my time before the new episodes by watching old ones and clips on Youtube.

Fellow Bloggers, it is time for me to hit the proverbial hay, try to get a jump on what ails this bag o’ bones.

Until tomorrow.

The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable

-Paul Broca


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