Okay, I want you to know, you touch these lasers, I’m running like a bat out of hell, and I pray you can keep up.

Went to work for 2 and by about 7:30 I had answered roughly 34 calls. We averaged about 5-6 minutes in between each one, which means that as great as it was to sit around and socialize, it made for a long shift. I got out of there at 10pm and am due back again at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Since tomorrow marks the launch of our new system that we’ll be running everything through it should be interesting, I’ve been chosen as one of the 17 guinea pigs who are working to take it for its first spin. Co-workers keep saying things like “best of luck” and “I don’t envy you one bit” but its just another program, we were trained on it. Granted I won’t know have of what I do on the old program but that’s why I go in every day, to get better at it…well that and to get paid, but either way we have a crapload of support staff and apparently all of the supervisors are going to be in to help as well. Which is great but at the same time, they were in the same training classes we were, asking the same questions we were so it would be the exact same as if I were to ask the person next to me what the hell I was doing. Mind you they still know more on an information basis, but not on the actual tech of the program itself.

I’m starting to go ink crazy again, starting to look back into my tattoos that I want and pick out the one thats most plausible as my next endeavor. I’m leaning towards one that I need some help with, I’ve asked Chelle but I have yet to hear back from her. I can only assume it will be a yes but once I hear either way we can start plotting it out. My guess is that when I go visit her in the city (soon I promise!) that we can put some sort of plan into action. Not only that but then I’ll actually have pictures to use at the start of these blogs apart from going back through Facebook albums from yesteryear trying to find ones I haven’t used.

Well kiddies, its getting to be that part of the evening again, the part where I lie in bed and play Plants vs. Zombies on my Iphone until I get tired and go to sleep. The plan is to go to work and then watch some Rifftrax with Justin tomorrow night so we’ll see if those plans play out.

If it was necessary to tolerate in other people everything that one permits oneself, life would be unbearable.

-George Courteline


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