So you dropped out of priest school to become an insurance cop. And now you’re the leader of a band of thieves? Nice

went to work for two…my shift started at three. Good start to my work day, thought I was off at ten so made plans with a friend who’s in town for the weekend…scheduled until 12:30 the hits just kept on coming today. Work was fairly slack, Beth and I sat together and she was there my entire shift save for the last hour. I talked to Candice and Dawn as well so overall as far as the people I worked with it was a good day. I’ve almost gotten rid of this god forsaken cold but it seems to be holding strong in my left nostril, its still totally clogged and causing me to sound stuffed up on the phone. There’s a spider bombing across the ceiling over my head while I type. Anyway, throughout our shift, Beth and I were throwing a tack back and forth and I was breaking Ricolas with it. As I was doing that whenever she’d be doing work I’d sit there and drop halves of Ricolas into her water bottle, she responded by poking a hole in the cap for my water bottle with the aforementioned tack. Seeing as I only had one alternative I just kept messing with the levers on her chair for the rest of our shift. She wants me to come in at 2 tomorrow when her shift starts and then we’ll both work until 12, I’m still trying to figure out whether I will go in for the early part or not, I’m fine with working till 12 I just don’t know if I want to spend the extra hour at the start of my shift there.

Other than that I didn’t really do much today, I’m just sitting here impatiently waiting for Leverage to download so I can watch it and listening to Christian Kane’s Acoustic in London CD.

Goodnight and Godspeed,



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