Age of the Geek, baby! We run the world.

Is it weird that I just listened to a Hanson song in order to see Weird Al in the video? At first my answer was no, because its Weird Al which means all bets are off, but then I realized I wasn’t totally disliking the song, it had a decent beat to it. Long story short, I didn’t hate the song, and I loved to Weird Al.

He’s one of those dudes that you either love him or hate him… and I love him. He has a talent of making songs awesome that either were not to begin with or making other versions of songs that are equally as awesome as the original.

Speaking of things as awesome as the original, I went to see Toy Story 3 today with Kristi and Kim as well as Kim’s husband and son and I must say that it has now become my favorite of the trilogy. I watched the review for it last night and became more and more excited about it but when I actually went to see it today it kind of blew my expectations out of the water. Since the first two were such an integral part of my childhood and Hollywood has done such a stellar job of messing up things from that era with a near flawless track record I went in stoked but apprehensive. I can honestly say that Toy Story 3 is the first movie that has made an attempt on something from my childhood that they haven’t fucked up. They had every opportunity to but they just defied expectations. The plot was solid, the characters were just as I remembered them, even if I just watched one and two on Thursday. As well as the new characters were awesome and the references were subtle enough to enjoy the hell out of instead of being crammed down my throat. I will agree with Kristi that it did in fact “borrow” some elements of cartoons from the 90’s but as a whole it was a very solid film. Nothing that I would not want to watch several times. Not only that but they had the first movie’s theme song in Spanish in this one, which bumps it up just a smidge in my book.

After the movie we bombed around for a bit and then called it a day, I had to go get a card for that for Father’s Day and she needed to drop off some movies at Blockbuster. When I got home I had time to cook a meatless chicken burger and wolf it down before I was told I was going to the fireman’s garden party with a few friends that I haven’t hung out with in a few months. Once we got there we realized that the garden party was only cool when we were little and stupid and it was now really, really, boring. So Manda went to grab something to eat and everyone else did their thing for an hour or so and then came back here to watch Dinosaurs which Tara bought on DVD. Now from what I recall I didn’t like the show and it creeped me out but after having watched it tonight I wouldn’t mind picking it up on DVD because it was actually really funny and the way they made it was awesome. they used the same animatronics as they did in the TMNT movies, which as most people know I am a huge fan of, so it was really interesting to watch as well as freakin’ hilarious.

About 15 minutes after they all left I got a text from Justin asking if I was doing anything because he just got off work, I said no so he came down and we had a few beers, shot the shit and watched some of the new Star Trek movie with Rifftrax commentary.

So now you’re up to date, because after Justin left I picked up where I left off in updating my blog, which is about here, which means we’re done for this eve, therefore…

love, peace, and chicken grease,



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