Another day, another illness. My throat has cleared up for the most part but as if in some sort of internal bargain, my head is now stuffed up. So I spent the majority of my day on the couch, I watched a British flick called Lesbian Vampire Killers, they billed it as being like Shaun Of The Dead, but it was like the seriously classless and potty humour filled version, not that I was expecting an Oscar worthy epic given the name, but if you’re gonna name drop an Edgar Wright film, do it justice. Apart from that its been a fairly uneventful day, played some more Red Dead Redemption, had my horse keel over and die why I was riding it and got launched part way across the desert, which I still can’t quite figure out. I liked that horse, t’was a pride steed, now I’m stuck with a retard brown horse with a tan ass. I just keep riding it around the same area the first one croaked hoping for the best.

In other western related news, I watched the finale of Justified, and dear lord was it good! I’ve been hooked on the show from the first 5 minutes of the pilot but the finale left me not only wanting more but perplexed as to what I am going to do until the new episodes start. Now, for those of you wondering what show I’m talking about, and also for those who aren’t, Wikipedia explains it as “Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is a 19th century-style but modern-day officer, who enforces his brand of justice which puts a target on his back with criminals and puts him at odds with his bosses in the U.S. Marshals Service. As a result of his having eagerly shot a Miami fugitive in a “justified” shooting in his South Florida assignment, he gets reassigned to the district covering his rural Eastern Kentucky mining hometown of Harlan County.” Which is all well and good, I describe it as Timothy Olyphant playing the part he was seemingly born to play, as Raylan Givens, a somewhat trigger happy, sarcastically brilliant law man, forced to leave Miami and take up residence with the US Marshal’s field office in his hometown. Needless to say not everyone is happy that Raylan’s back, himself included. Perhaps I like this show so much because the main character was taken from a big city and forcibly made to return to his hometown, and is told to make the most of it because he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. That would make sense considering I just went through the same thing, except my superior officer is my health in this situation. Once again, much like Raylan I have grown accustomed to the place and have started to see its virtues and of course reconnected with old friends and made a few new ones. But at the end of the day a change is a change, and whether you made it willingly or you weren’t given any other option, you just have to roll with it. If you have no change in your life, I’d start checking your pockets for holes.


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