Nate, what kind of world would it be if everybody that committed a silly little crime went to prison, huh? Complete madness

In the past few days I’ve been declined for a Nova Scotia student loan because I’m still technically a BC resident, Found out I don’t qualify for a B.C. student loan because I only qualify for two of the three factors, yes I’m a BC resident and yes I’ll be going to school in September but even though there are five NSCC campuses which are designated schools the one I want to go to is not. I’m supposed to be getting a call from the Designation Board to see if I can make this campus designated but the girl on the phone (who was insanely nice and helpful which is odd for loan people, I think its because she’s from Vancouver) let me know that it could take “days. months, years” to get it designated and thats even if they say they’ll look into it to begin with. So I’ve got close to two grand due by the end of August with little hope of a student loan as well as a first aid and a WHIMIS course to take by September. Needless to say that when I first found out and then had to go to work 5-10 minutes afterwards that I was a bit frazzled and didn’t seem to care all that much when some schmuck couldn’t figure out how to read the simple instructions on our website and had not only locked him or herself out of the system, but also needed their hand held in order to make it the whole way through without falling apart at the seams. So, I left an hour and a half into my shift, I had spent the first half hour talking to my supervisor about it and told her I may just need to leave because I felt the need to seek out other options and sitting there, while getting paid, seemed like wasting precious time. If I were to already have had info on student lines of credit that would be one thing because then I could look at them at my leisure, but until I did that I would be trying to find time around my work schedule to go and talk to people and figure everything out. Either way, I went to CIBC and TD, spoke to the lady at CIBC and she let me in on all the details and how it worked and how long it took and everything like that, which eased a lot of “what’s my game plan?” thoughts. TD gave me a card and told me to call and set up an appointment to come and talk, which I probably won’t do because I’ve usually had issue with TD every time I deal with them and besides, I prefer red over green. So that, is why I haven’t been writing, because I needed to get everything set to rights and blogging about it would have only made me realize how unprepared I was and how many avenues I had left to research. But I’m back and will have more fun to write about this evening.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good day.

There’s only a step from the sublime to the ridiculous, but there’s no road leading from the ridiculous to the sublime.

-Lion Feuchtwanger


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