I’m sorry, are we still unclear? I’m a functioning alcoholic. Trick is to not get hung up on the “alcoholic,” really celebrate the “functioning” part of the sentence.

The above photo is proof that you should never challenge me to a “coy-off”, had it not been for Mandy’s formidable talent in that area I would have mopped the floor with her.

Today was a day for nostalgia, which I believe started rather early this morning while talking to a friend from back in Vancouver, about acting and life back that way and such things. I’ve realized that as much as I loved it out there, I loved it for the people. The bonds I made while I lived there were built to withstand the test of time, friends with more in common than we go to the same school or “wow, you like the colour orange too?” Granted the colour orange is awesome and will give you a bit of a head start in my books but I understand that some people aren’t as wordly and have opted for more basic colours. That’s fine, they’re still great people, they just need some work =P.

I miss the nights of getting off work and heading to Mandy and Shawna’s to watch horror movies, or finding a really eclectic one in a bargain bin and think to myself “we HAVE to watch this one!” I still do it but I have to text them afterwards to let them know I found it even though we can’t really watch it together anytime soon. Same with coming home from work at midnight and having Pete still be up drinking tea and poncing about the flat, waiting to watch a movie or two before we turn in. Or arriving home to find a party already in progress that Courtney initiated…ok, so maybe its nice to have a bit of a break from that one, but it was a good way to get to see people I haven’t in awhile.

Not to say I haven’t been enjoying my time spent in Bridgewater, its just different is all. In my 22 years I’ve lived two completely different lives and this is the start of my third, same locale as my first but different time and people. There are some who carried over but we’ve all grown up since last time around. My Vancouver life and Bridgewater life don’t really cross over. They are two separate entities, and as hard as it was to come to terms with I think I like it better this way. Granted there will be some spillover eventually, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

There seems to be a logical end somewhere in the distance for this post, but its a long way off and I don’t want to write until it gets here so I’ll simply say that I’ve got hooked on Bruce Campbell yet again and am somewhat patiently waiting for next week’s Burn Notice

“For a long time I was embarrassed to say I was a ‘B’ movie actor, … But now that I see what Hollywood’s putting out, I realized ‘B’ actually means ‘better.’”

– Bruce Campbell


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